Surprise from a CCD friend

A surprise from a CCD Friend...
A surprise from a CCD Friend…

It was the first time I took my wife out for a drive… I wanted to sit in a peaceful environment and wanted to discuss a lot of things… I zeroed in on the CCD which is on Motel Higghway at Nazrathpet… 

When I entered I was surprised to see a friend who was in Sriperambudur joint… Firstly I was feeling guilty as I forgot to invite him for my marriage… Infact my marriage happened against lots of odds… He immediately made me fee free and congrajulated us… Then I placed my order and took my wife to the table and started discussing about things I wanted…

Normally a cappuccino comes with a heart or leaf as design… My friend surprised my wife with this stuff… In fact he made me feel proud and happy in frient of my wife… Lot of small things can make a big impact… That is what happened that day…

 I’d like to thank my friend for the gesture and this image would find a place in my album… It would definately be cherished forever….

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