Facts how FBI & RAW were born

This post is going to be about a Master who excelled in his field and reached the International top 5 spot. A Master whom the Indian politicians wont speak about. A Master whom out of 1 billion Indians, only a few thousand or maybe few hundred know or heard about him! A Master whose work still impacts India and keeps its people secured.
But before talking about him let me talk about someone else. Another Master. Presently U.S.A is the most secured country. U.S.A and Israel are probably the only countries which are not controlled by other countries.
This is called Hegemony, where a government indirectly controls or influences another government. But this is the present, back in 1924 the United in the U.S.A was actually Unstable. The Unstable States of America!
There was great influence of both Nazi’s and Communist in the U.S.A. There were political parties that supported Stalin and parties that supported Hitler. There were gangster clans who used these parties to spread chaos and indulge in organised crime!
The Police system was corrupted. Government was corrupted. Crimes spread. Bomb Blasts everywhere. U.S.A was in chaos. History textbooks usually concentrate on U.S.A’s involvement in World Wars but nobody mentioned how unstable it was in its internal security.
From all these chaos there was this One Man who wanted to ensure security to Americans. Seeing all the chaos in the government and police departments he wanted to start a new department. A Department that concentrates on logical reasoning and scientific research in analyzing crimes and people.
From a very young age this man was interested in scientific research that when he joined Bureau of Investigation he was using scientific reasoning in all investigations. But he was laughed at. He lived with his mom. He loved her a lot. He never leaves her. He was ridiculed in both his work and personal life. This affected his emotional stability but he still continued his way of working.
But when the politics in the Bureau of Investigation reached its peak level. He said he had enough. He began to play his own politics. Ruthless Politics. And came up with a idea of a different department. A Department where he has complete control. A Department that can solve America’s internal security problems. So J.Edgar Hoover formed the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The FBI.
He was the first to introduce fingerprint scanning system. He was able to track down every criminal. His department has lot of scientific researches. His works is the basis of all the investigations present currently in all over the world.
He just didn’t solve crimes. He knew the political parties are powerful. So he devised methods to keep them in check. He was the head of FBI for 37 years. In his reign he found the personal lives of all the top powerful people, mostly about their illegitimate affairs with many women or their money making scandals or their very private gay life. He will use these information to blackmail them if they misuse their powers.
This included 6 U.S Presidents too. This man was actually controlling the American Presidents. But he doesnt literally control them but just in case if they misuse their powers, he will do some nasty things!
Martin Luther King Jr. The guy who is famous among blacks, the guy who fought for black rights had another side. He was a womaniser. Hoover found that out by keeping microphones in hotel rooms Martin used to visit. Hoover did this so that Martin doesnt start a Revolution in US using his huge black following. If this womaniser news is leaked then Martin will lose his political personality. Martin never misused his power so Hoover did not do anything. ( There is a lot of controversy behind this, just do some google searching if interested )
Hoover never married anyone and he was in power till his death at the age of 77. He dedicated his entire life for the security of his country. He used both legal and illegal methods to keep criminals and politicians in check.
His life was made into a movie titled “J.Edgar” and Leonardo DiCaprio played as J.Edgar Hoover!
Just like J.Edgar Hoover there was a man in India too. …. There Was!
Born in 1918 in Uttar Pradesh.
Got his Bachelor of Arts degree in Lucknow University.
Got his Masters in English Literature in Allahabad University.
After that he was pursing Law classes, but somewhere at that point in his life he decided to not pursue his life as a lawyer but as a police man.
In 1940 he joined Indian Imperial Police by writing a competitive exam and was posted as Assistant Superintendent of Police.
In 1947 when India got its Independence, he joined the Intelligence Bureau. I.B.
He was put in charge of VIP security. He was looking after the security of Jawaharlal Nehru, First Prime Minister of India and other key people.
Since he was a key figure in knowing the details of India’s VIPs, he kept a really private life. He never appeared in public for interviews.etc
In 1950s there were some diplomatic relations between India and Ghana. The Indian government sent him to setup a Intelligence Bureau for them. He went to Ghana and setup a really excellent Intelligence Bureau.
His name spread far and wide to Intelligence heads in other countries too. Even reached people like J.Edgar Hoover and his FBI and also the CIA of U.S.
When Indira Gandhi became the Prime Minister she knew that this man can be trusted and his talent should be used to the maximum. She knew the the Intelligence Bureau of India failed during the China-India War.
She and other political powers decided for a new Intelligence Department. She appointed him as its First Director.
Name of the Department: Research & Analysis Wing of India. a.k.a RAW
Name of the Person: Rameshwar Nath Kao a.k.a Kao
For those who still dont know what RAW is, its the CIA of India!
Kao is the real life James Bond.
Under his leadership RAW had so many spies who were called kaoboys!
Even though RAW was supposed to deal with External Intelligence, Kao concentrated even in internal intelligence, just to be sure!
Kao setup spies everywhere. In every Indian Political party, form top to bottom! In every important government organization.
Not just in India. Kao’s kaoboys were everywhere including China, Pakistan’s very own ISI had Kao’s spies. Kao had spies even in US’s CIA, Singapore, Japan.etc etc..
His intelligence organization was so efficient that he was called the Spymaster!
He also setup the Aviation Research Centre. Before satellites, aeroplanes were used to spy on other countries. Kao used MiG planes to spy on Pakistan & China!
The French external intelligence agency claimed Kao to be one of the five great intelligence chiefs of the 1970s!
“Normally, Kao’s was the last appointment of the day with Mrs Gandhi, when all her other engagements were finished,” remembers a politician close to the Gandhi family.
There is thing about the criminal Dawood Ibrahim that he manages every organized crime of his in India via phone call from his hideout. Well his ways are nothing compared to Kao!
Here is a statement by the Chairman of Joint Intelligence Committee:
“His contacts the world over, particularly in Asia—Afghanistan, Iran, China, you name it—were something else. He could move things with just one phone call. He was a team leader who rode out notorious inter-departmental and inter-service rivalries, which is commonplace in India.”
Kao found out that China has an eye for Sikkim. It was he who urged the Indian government to act on Sikkim or else we will lose it!
Kao’s intelligence was the key factor in the Bangladesh liberation war. For those who forgot history, Bangladesh was once called East Pakistan and it was controlled by the mainland Pakistan. But there were many revolts and differences between the West and the East. There were many mass killings and brutal rapes. Pakistan did not bother about the security of East Pakistan but yet wanted full control!
Kao had two options. Wait for the Indian Government to help the East Pakistanis.. or setup an illegal army in East Pakistan and arm their citizens!
He setup a illegal army of Bangladeshis to fight against their Pakistan controlled Government!
Later India decided the war!
Kao later retired after Indira Gandhi lost power. He knew her enemies will give some serious troubles to him as he was close to Indira Gandhi and knew every confidential information.
Kao was now pretty much retired. But that did not stop him.
Learning about the atrocities in Sri Lanka faced by the Tamils, its was Kao who helped Vellupillai Prabhakaran and his LTTE to setup intelligence and arming them. His intelligence and warfare techniques formed the basis of LTTE’s foundation that it was helping LTTE till 2009. They started to fail only when Sri Lanka allied with China. Its only with the Chinese help that Sri Lanka defeated Vellupillai Prabhakaran!
And RAW is not the only organization Kao founded. There is one more!
I am pretty sure you will know this one.
Back in 1980s when someone tells “Terrorists” , its not Muslims that comes to mind, but its the Sikhs!.. Terrorism is a word associated with many people over the years. Actually the word terrorists and assasins comes from Jews! They were the world’s first organized Terrorists, they were terrorizing the Roman Empire!.
Anyways, when there was Internal Terrorism, Kao realised that Police is not enough. So he used all his political powers to convince the government to setup:
National Security Guard! N.S.G !! ( The guys who captured Kasab and killed his friends )
Both RAW and NSG has been really influential in India and its security!
We all know pretty much how advanced US’s CIA and FBI are because of those fancy Hollywood movies. Well here is the power of India’s RAW! Hope someone makes a movie about Kao!
Kao is a intense private man. There are just 2 photographs of him. And here is one of them ->http://bit.ly/SWj3Y7
Note: There is also one more Master whom I would like to analyze. But his analysis will involve a very big post. Which I intend to post in a Facebook Page I created. Please like it if you have’nt yet. Unlike Kao I am pretty sure everybody knows who he is, but everybody sees his achievements but nobody sees his childhood, his hard years and his magnificient Mind. In future after his death, neuroscientists will dissect his brain to analyse its power! Will keep you posted on it.
Courtesy: Prithiviraj

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