The teen aged Entrepreneurs from Madurai

Last week got a call from my sales folks that a 13 year old CEO from Madurai wanted to meet me… Get impressed by this kids approach and immediately gave them an appointment the next day…

Since his father was busy that day, he was not in a position to make it to office… I didn’t want to disappoint the kid and went to a nice-cream shop near to his house…

He came along with his 15 year old co-founder and they gave a brief intro about them and their ataWAB.COM venture… Frankly got startled to see the way they projected, the vision and clarity they have…

I asked them to come with the expectations on me, swami & cogzidel… The next day kids came with their 14 year old co-founder and the list…

The list goes like this;

– Hosting Support
– Gadgets to review
– Infrastructure
– Mentoring

Without a moment to think we agreed to help these kids and be a part of their success…

Would be glad if you can go thru and pass your feedback…

Last to First: S.Anand Nataraj, Syed, Abshiek & Swami…

Roshan & Anand

This is how we brainstormed at IBACO…


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