Ooty Experience

I’ve travelled to many places and to Ooty for couple of times. Ooty was the first place i’ve travelled alone & that too with my friends and that memory still lives fresh in my mind. Like many memorable trips this one also has special moments and experience;
  • For the first time we cooked ourselves. Roasted Chicken, Mochai & Carrot Sambar & Steamed rice were some of the special items.
  • After a long time I travelled in a Bike.
  • Went to Badaga hamlets & experienced their life style.
  • Sipped cold coffee at Barista & same Coffee sipped in Chennai tastes totally different.
  • Went into woods which were totally deserted and stayed there till dawn.
  • For the first time enjoyed drinking Hot Tea.
  • Walked on the streets of Charing Cross & enjoyed eating hot bondas, chilli bujji’s & chilled seeing hot babes. Memories took me a decade back where I use to hand around Brigade Road.

Drove to Ooty

After reaching Coimbatore went to my uncles house to got ready and proceeded to Ndot.

After finishing some official work with Ndot CEO Mr. Nanda it was time to Drive to Ooty.

Here is the synopsis of the trip;

– Nanda, Subbu (host, chef & guide), Vignesh & me are the famous four folks for the trip.
– I had to do some shopping & we broke the group into two & decided to meet at Mettupalayam. – Nanda & me went to R.S.Puram & I brought a wind cheater & a cap from Reebok. Then we got a set of Sunglass & went to Seasons to cool our body with some fresh Juice & eyes with some beauties at seasons.
– Then we started to drive to Mettupalayam, but we met other folks even before Mettupalayam.
– From Mettupalayam we took Kothagiri road instead of Connur road.
– Then we came to a guest house 17 KM away from ooty. No house near by & it is surrounded by Vegetable fields.
– It is a serviced guest house with 3 bed room, a attached loo & bathroom, a kitchen, a hall with TV. All this for just Rs.1000/- per day.

I’ve no words to explain the experience. Have shot a lot of snaps which I’ll publish on Monday. For now enjoy the snaps taken from my blackberry.

Challenging visit to Mayiladuthurai

Had to drive to Mayiladuthurai to attend a friends wedding. I had to drive my parents & aunt for the marriage. Though i love to go for such drives i had hard time as i had to drive during a hot day on 1st June. On reaching the town by noon we reached my aunt’s home to take a short nap. Agony started again & there was no power and we had to sleep under a Fan which ran on a inverter. After waking up we all took bath and reached the Marriage Hall.

It was time to meet all the cousins and pull down each other. Other side elders were introducing us to other distant relatives. WE were there in the hall for 4 hours and time went in a jiffy.

Then we came back to aunt’s house only to find that the power hasn’t come back. I went to a nearby Hotel named PAMS which had only one AC room and i blocked the room immediately. When i picked my sister, mom & granny power came back. Sadly hotel denied a refund and we all stayed in the hotel.

Next day we all got up by 5 AM and reached the hall by 6 AM for marriage. Again 5 hours went like a giffy. But the hall was too hot for us to stay till noon. After the dinner we immediately started to drive back to Chennai.

Since i drove the previous day & because of poor sleep i was very tired & with great difficulty i drove back home. After that i had a slept immediately by 6 PM and got up only at 10 AM the next day.

Sunday with a meaning

As usual I crashed to sleep by 6 AM Sunday morning. Then it was non-stop sleep till 1 PM only to crash again to wake up by 4 PM. Then I had an oil massage done by my sister.

Then I had to work on the documentation for the launch of our magazine People Justice. My friend who is the editor of the magazine came home by 4.30 PM. We finished all the documentation work by 6 o clock and next thing is to take a printout.

After a cool shower we proceeded in search of a Cyber Café to take printouts. Being a Sunday most of the shops were closed and we found one which was 2 KM away from my house. To my surprise it was my friend’s café and it was a nice opportunity to get back to him.

By 7.30 PM we finished all out work and we proceeded to have a look at my friend’s property which was near to the place. Then by 8.15 PM we proceeded to Chennai Citi Center as I had some shopping & scheduled a business meeting.

En route I got a call from my friend telling the meeting was called off. But I asked him make it to the mall so that we can catch for dinner and for a movie. After reaching the mall by 9 o clock we immediately proceeded to Inox counter to book ticket.

Then I went to Lifestyle to buy a numeric lock and immediately we moved to food court. I was little lavish on my diet and then we moved to watch the movie.

Then we had to bid adieu to Rooban and I drove back with my editor friend and we had a small discussion about our marriage and drove till Sriperambubur and then reached back home by 3 AM.

Over all I was contented that I was able to do something productive still didn’t spoil my shopping plan and Sunday enjoyment.

Safety at Risk

Yesterday I drove to office with lot of challenge and one experience was irritating and risky. I was teased by a van who didn’t allow me overtake him.

Also he was carrying loads of PVC pipes, those pipes stretched beyond without a reflector. Also he drove crazy risking people traveling behind him.

Our crazy corrupt cops catch poor two wheeler riders to such van drivers who give a dawn to safety.

Challenging day

Yesterday evening I was driving to office. It was a hectic day as I was attending calls non-stop. Then when I went to take my car a truck was parked in front of our gate and I had to wait for 10 min until the driver came back.

I drove some 500 meters just to realize that I forgot to take my wallet. Then had to return home to pick my wallet.

Then I realized I had to fill gas and I had to loose 5 min on the bunk.

Then the irony of dealing with mad drivers and unruly pedestrians. Finally reaching office was a big challenge.

Treat From Kuruvi

It was a hard and long saturday party at my friends factory in Korattur which lasted till 4 AM. Then i went home and crashed to sleep by 4.30 AM only to get a wakeup call from my freind by 5 PM in the evening to invite me for his engagement party.

Thanks to Lakshmi without her this treat would have been a distant dream. Kuruvi accepted to give us a treat and that too in GRT Temple Bay in Mahabalipuram. I was asked to pickup Kuruvi and reach Vicky’s house by six o clock. I got up immediately after the call, took bath and drove fast and reached kuruvi’s house by 5.40 and he took 15 min to get ready and still we reached Vicky’s house by 6.05 PM.

Then we started to play Nintendo WII Tennis at Vicky’s house until the time Sudhir reaches. Sadly Sudhir reached an hour late and i had to be spectator watching Vicky & Kuruvi playing. Then we left from Vicky’s home by 7.15. It was a happy hours rite to Temple Bay by pulling down each other.

On reaching Temple Bay we immediately jumped on clicking some snaps and as usual i did the job of a photographer. Since there was no one to take a snap of mine my creative mind thought of taking this picture of mine. I think this would be the best creativity of mine.

We wanted to goto sea facing Walf restaurant and en route there was a private party which organized this classical dance event. It was real joy to watch such professional performance which was mind-blowing.

We were disappointed at Walf as it was full and we were said it will take an hour to get a table. Folks were that hungry that they were unable to resist and we decided to goto closed A/C restaurant and settled for a buffet.

It was here we opened the pandora box of Vicky and again it was fun going back to our college days. After an hour and half of filling our stomach and refreshing our mind. We decided to call it a days and returned back. And folks were tried after a heavy dinner and Lakshmi was half sleepy, Vicky preying god as we were leaking many of his secrets :d.

And it was yet another Special Sunday being with my best folks.

One more enjoyable day

Reached home early in the morning after a boring Saturday party and straight away went to bed. Then I slept till the afternoon and had to wake up for two reasons;

  • Firstly it was my father’s birthday and had small party.
  • Second is I’ve fixed an appointment for second half of the day.

My sister woke me up to celebrate my father’s birthday. I must thank her for talking all these initiatives as I’m very bad at doing things like these. She has brought a cake as surprise and this is the first time we are celebrating my father’s birthday as he has always stayed away from us and I think this is the birthday where in he has stayed with us and we all as a family were at one place.

Since my father is a person who has very less desire we had nothing to gift him. So we thought of buying him some shares which he trades.

After the birthday party I rushed out to a place called Vedal near Periyapalayam to see a piece of plot. Again it was a finest drive which I longed for. We drove along old traditional roads of Tamil Nadu which were not affected by the expansion of highways. Then we travelled through a stretch of forest and finally came the spot.

I’m not sure if this place develops immediately or not. I’d love to buy a piece of plot as it is within my affordability and its been 3 years since I purchased a land. Also there are small mountains and it would be a perfect place to have a small bamboo house and spend peaceful time or also we can party hard as it doesn’t disturb anyone.

From there we went to the famous PeriyaPalayam Amman temple which is visited almost 15 years back and a lot have changed since then. Since it is a normal day temple was not crowded and we had a nice darshan.

Then while driving back we spent all the money and neither of us had a single penny. After a long time my bank account has gone empty and I’ve been living with credit card for last 10 days.  While returning we didn’t realize that there was a toll. Then we were thinking what to do and one of my friends asked me to get all the old toll tickets in hand. We thought we can elope by the time the toll keeper checks the right ticket.

To our surprise the toll has a barricade where in we can proceed without paying. Also the toll rate was Rs.31 and we didn’t have anything other than credit card. Then with brave face my friend gave all 5 toll tickets to the toll keeper and asked him to check which the right ticket is. Without even checking he opened the gates asking us to leave. We didn’t know if he realized if we were conning him or he didn’t have patience to check all the tickets.

It was a thrilling experience and for long I wanted to explore things without any money on hand. I always thought of putting myself in such a situation and it happened today. I’m thankful to god for creating such an opportunity and I want to be on similar situations even in future.

Over all it has been a very interesting and heart filling day as; 

  • I celebrated my father’s birthday.
  • Went for site visits to buy land which is one of my hobbies.
  • Went to a temple which I use to visit as a kid.
  • And for the first time I experienced a situation to manage without money.

Trichy Experience

Had to drive to Trichy on Saturday to take my Granny & Mom for a condolence. Again it was an electrifying experience. 

  • Started from home by 7:30 AM. Woke up early thought I slept only by 3 AM & had just 3 hours of sleep.
  • Reached my uncles house in 4 hours and drove non stop.
  • After a short nap had to go back to my granny’s village.
  • There was Jallikattu (Bull Taming) which was restricted only to villagers. I’m watching a Jallikattu for the first time. Sadly I forgot to carry my camera to shoot the experience.
  • Had good time with tiny tots & I became their favorite as I got them ice-creams and chocolates.
  • Had dinner in my granny’s house.
  • My granny’s village is on the shores of Kaveri River & spent some time in the river as it had some water.
  • Got back to my uncles house in Trichy and went to sleep.
  • Again went to village early in the morning for condolence.
  • Had breakfast and went back to my uncle’s house.
  • Then returned back to Chennai accompanied by 2 more cars and there was race.
  • Had lunch in a hotel attached to a petrol pump.
  • Reached Chennai and went to my aunt’s house to offload some fruits.
  • Then there was an invite from my cousin for dinner and we had dinner and had nice time pulling each other.
  • Then returned home by 12 o clock and checked my email and crashed as I was too tired to write a blog.

First temple visit of 2010 is Tirumala

A long time plan to visit to Tirumala with my parents, Raghu’s family, Ravi’s family & Prasad’s family got momentum during last week of December. Then after confusions because of Andra volatility things got sloppy and we did know if this trip was on till last moment. Anyways Prasad asked me to make it anyways. Since my parents were unable to make it I came along with my friend. 

So initial plan was to start by 6 o clock from Chennai in Indigo Marina and hand over the car to a driver so that he can pickup raghu and prasad’s family in the morning. Owing to lot of official work we started from office in my Zen by 8.30 and had to fix my puncher wheel. Since the tube was torn we had to replace the tube. I asked Suresh to drop me in my house and asked him to fix the puncher. He returned back by 9:30 and my father parked Indogo Marina in my uncle’s house as some household work was going on. So unable to take Marina out and we had to settle with Zen. 

Then while filling petrol I remembered that I forgot to pick my data-card. Then went back to home collected it and returned and we had dinner at Motel Highway in Poonamallee. Once when we were out it was 11.30 PM. Then got a call from Prasad and he said Tirumala road will be closed between 1 – 4 AM. So we decided to drive slowly. We were driving at 40 Kmph and still we reached Tirupathi by 2.30. We decided to  sleep in the car and we thought we can pick raghu and drive to the hill. 

En route Suresh wanted to know my entrepreneur journey and I was narrating my experience till date. Since I didn’t sleep the previous night I was tired but restrained from sleeping because I didn’t want to make Suresh drive alone. On reaching Tirupathi I slept immediately. We started taking snaps on reaching Andra Border. 

As a surprise Prasad arranged for a VIP darshan by 7 o clock in the morning. We had no time to relax and we all got ready in 30 min and we all went to temple. We had very good darshan where in we were able to see the lord at a distance of 5 – 8 feet. We were blessed to get the arathi & able to see lords feet. Also we had a glimpse of lord for 5+ minutes. It is all a blessing as these opportunities are not easy to come. Also we had a bones of worshiping along with actress Rambha. 

Then we were very tired and we slept for six hours and we missed a visit to goto Tiruchanur and worship Thayar. Again by 6 o clock we had another VIP darshan. Again we got same things what we got in the morning & since we were with Prasad we got some more privilages like getting different varieties of prasadam. Again this time we had the opportunity to prey along with Director Cheran, Actor Dr.Rajashekar, Actress Jeevitha and Actor Tarun. From there we went for dinner and then returned to Guest House. 

On returning we to guest house we changed the costumes, made some calls, checked mails & then myself & Suresh though of going to walk and I usually do this when I go to any place. We started hunting for good photogenic places and we were taking some snaps. On this pursuit we lost the route and we were repeatedly getting lost. After finding the correct route we found the Goa movie team as they were hunting for a hotel for dinner and time was 1.15 AM. We requested them for a snap and they acknowledged. I don’t know if they were lucky to find a good hotel at that time. 

Now reached the room and it is time to sleep and wake up by 6 for next darshan.